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    I Recommend!

    Vlad "well done"! If you say so, then it’s nothing to say, Vlad is just a “big Clever”! A man who not only knows his job but also loves it! Everything is honest and open, everything will tell and explain! He will select options for your requirements, you just have to make a choice! It's a pleasure to work with a professional! I recommend! Reference:

    Alexander Mekhontsev

    Friendly and without cheating

    The best car dealer in town ! I have traveled several salons - there is deception everywhere, they sell the killed cars above the market and also they are deceived when the loan is issued. Right there - everything is clean, the price is adequate and there are no deceptions when applying for a loan! I am satisfied Reference:

    Iurii Zavadskii

    Customer review

    Loved the service, it was such a quick and easy process! Guys are super open. They showed and explained me all the process, so I could see all my options of getting a car. They also provide all car info and history and answered all my questions clearly. I’ve got Hyundai Ionic with Alpa cars and this car is great, I enjoy it! I highly recommend this car dealership company! Reference:

    Polina Ternovaia

    Best buy cars in Alpacars

    I bought a car from Alpacars and have never regretted it. They sold a great car, helped with documents, and answered questions quickly and competently. I advise everyone to buy cars in Alpacars. Reference:

    Evgenii Panteleev

    2 cars

    AlpaCars helped me buy two cars at once very quickly and most importantly the cars are of good quality. Thank You!!! Reference:

    Erlan Dosubek

    Collaboration with AlpaCars

    super quality, super attitude, super emotions, super fast! the most professional boss of the company. He helped me become the owner of an iron horse. I am the happiest person in the world! Reference:

    Benjamin Rasputin

    Easy and nice

    Vlad was very nice and helpful. It was less then two days from i contact him to drive my new car to my home. I got my first lawn and start to build my credit history in US. Easy and fast. Thank you Reference:

    Alexey Glushchenko

    My first car!

    I got car finance without a credit history and without SSN. Thank you ALPACARS for my new car!!! Reference:

    Ruslan Zaripov

    “Quick and easy”

    I bought my first car in USA : Lincoln MKZ hybrid. And how excited I am about this purchase! The car fit perfectly in all aspects, in excellent condition and it’s a pleasure to drive it. I received a very detailed consultation about the choice of car and various options that will suit me better. Now I drive with pleasure and gratitude for the help in purchasing this car. I recommend Alpacars to everyone! Reference:

    Vera Kravets

    “They will solve any problem.”

    I recommend Alpacars to everyone! I received a very detailed and knowledgeable consultation, every detail was explained and shown to me, we even charged the car together. After a while there was a problem with the car, the first time I contacted the dealer he immediately referred us to an authorized service and they fixed the problem quickly. All costs were borne by the company, I paid nothing. I was very pleased and grateful to Alpacars!"They will solve any problem. Reference:

    Viktoria Kuzmina

    Easy and professional service!

    It was one of the easiest and most professional car experiences that I had! Vlad took care of the process of getting my first car in the United States and made it actually pleasant! I highly recommend him. Reference:

    Pavel Hiz

    I got what I want

    I bought two candies at this dealership. The best service. Vlad really nice person, he wants you to be happy. Reference:

    Aleksandr Minakov

    Благодарность Владу!

    Недавно я приобрёл авто в "Alpacars", остался очень доволен. Благодарю Влада за его труд. Всем рекомендую! Reference:

    Viktor Alshevski

    Why choose us?

    Alpacars, Inc is dedicated to providing the ultimate automobile buying experience. Alpacars, Inc is your #1 source for buying quality pre-owned vehicles. We have extensive relationships in the dealer community allowing us to purchase a wide variety of lease returns and new car trades at exceptional values. This enables Alpacars, Inc to pass along huge savings on the highest quality vehicles of your choice. In addition, we offer a full array of financing options to meet your needs.

    We’ve enhanced our website so that you can shop our wide selection of pre-owned vehicles from the comfort of your home! Remember, if you need to talk to us, we are only a phone call away. Our sales & finance teams are available to help you with all your automobile needs. Feel free to come by the store any time to meet us in person. We invite you to take a tour of our dealership and enjoy a stress-free car buying experience.

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